35 thoughts on “London Irish v Wasps – HIGHLIGHTS | Another UNBELIEVABLE Comeback! | Gallagher Premiership 2021/22

  1. London Irish are good value for money and should have far more attending matches than they do. Someone needs to be given the job of tapping into the huge number of potential supporters that exist in London and surrounds.

  2. At 3 minutes, Wasps player barely touching the ruck takes the ball and moves a few feet across before binding in the ruck.
    No wonder the ruck is so effective if the laws are not being applied.

  3. Would have been nice if the highlights included how Irish managed to get an attacking lineout with the clock in the red. Giving up a 25 point lead with 13 minutes left is one thing, having a secure ball at the base of the ruck with no time left and losing it is quite another!

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