41 thoughts on “Bath v Bristol – HIGHLIGHTS | Last Minute Winner at the Rec! | Gallagher Premiership 2021/22

  1. If one player ducks just as he’s about to be tackled, how’s the tackler supposed to react?

    I can see how this is a tactic that will be taught. We’ll be lucky to see 2 complete teams at the ends of matches if things don’t mature properly.

    Certainly no one wants to see players with concussions, and as long as we recognise that the right level of changes have to be made to maintain the integrity of the game.

  2. As a Bath supporter, I'm sorry about the utter Idiots cheering the red card, they have no place at the Rec and need to find a bin and get in it

  3. Is it just me or are the majority of cards handed out for high shots given to pacific islanders? Is it a cultural thing or is that just coincidental

  4. Who does Luke Pearce think he is? They way he manages games is shocking. Dictatorial, rude and makes over the top decisions all the time. Sounds like a spoiled brat out there. Treat the boys with some respect man!!

  5. Embarrassing again from Bristol. Surely raises questions about the psychological frailty so clearly on show? 28-0 vs Quins, lost the semi final, 21-0 vs quins again, lost, and 21-0 vs bath, lost. That’s just appalling, men in the bin or not

  6. Why have you missed out the bizzare Luke Pearce decision to give a yellow and penalty to bath at 80 mins when bath lost the ball ???

  7. Who's on comms with Flatman? Must be a bath player given all the 'we we we' the whole time. I know they sometimes have ex players commentating but he could make some effort at sounding neutral.

  8. Aside from the result which I'm going to pretend didn't happen, good to see Premiership Rugby are starting to put out more competent highlights now.

  9. bristol are really starting to get a reputation for scoring 3-4 mostly unanswered tries early… then throwing it all away and losing in the end!

  10. what is rugby becoming? the player is just about on his knees when tackled, yet the tackler gets red? Bloody hell. The game is going down the drain very fast now. the same with van der merwe forearm fend, red card. Wasnt even a elbow involved

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