50 thoughts on “I was SO close to a hole in one on camera! #Break75 S2E7

  1. This summer i am going to scotland for 2 weeks. what golf courses do you recommend to play? little top 5 maybe?
    (might be a fun video to show your fav golf courses in england and scotland)

  2. Anyone else hate the phrase “that’s a golf shot “ if you hit a great shot in football do you say that a football shot ?

  3. The course looked great, I was there when Seve won in 88. That chip from the left front after Nick Price had played a similar chip. Its always dangerous stopping at the halfway house.

  4. One of favourite Break75. Really showed the ups and downs of golf but don’t EVER stop at a halfway house when you playing so well😂
    Btw what wedge did you use on your chip on the 17th??

  5. The sand shot on 18 just looked like a terrible decision before he even hit that shot… he could have easily saved a shot or two by hitting out left and then into the green, get it close and single putt potentially! Hate to see him end that way!

  6. I’m a newer golfer but getting pretty good rather quickly thanks to your videos. These thpes of videos are more entertaining than PGA to me honestly.

  7. Well done Rick, disappointing back nine but still a good round overall, on what looks an amazing golf course! What did Guy shoot? What's his handicap btw – he looks a good player?

  8. Hey Rick, I know you review a lot of sets. You’ve done Stix twice now. Any plans to compare them to Robin? They’re competitors and I feel that it would be a good comparison video for casual golfers.

  9. Just getting around to this video… I don't want to say it because I don't know if it was the halfway house, but blue hasn't been looking to good…

  10. Rick, PLEASE HELP. I'm a 10 handicap been playing since I was 5. I've become so inconsistent with my irons with a steep down swing, I'm about to put the bag in the closet for good. So frustrated.

  11. Welcome to my world, really difficult to string two good 9's together – although more like break 95 for me 🙂- Love the content…

  12. Beautiful course and a good round. You didn't ask but if I were you I would club up from 150/130 to 100 yards and swing easier, you should be hitting relatively straight balls from that distance but your missing wide of the greens. It just looks like your going all out on those shots and then a miss is a big miss.

  13. Wow. Bro. “The Wink” at the beginning. My fav spot. I will say… get her done my bro. “That is golf.” Rick Shiels.
    “It’s why we play.” Me. ✌️❤️🤘
    Pick for “The Open?” (Yes. Real question.)

  14. Absolutely love watching your videos.
    Question for you did you pay for your water and kit kat with confidence instead of money. It was like a different Rick mentally and performance after your break!
    Still great score though.
    Keep making your videos bloody awesome!

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