23 thoughts on “Northampton v Newcastle – HIGHLIGHTS | 10 Tries for Saints! | Gallagher Premiership 2021/22

  1. How is that a red card ? The referee says "High degree of danger, no mitigation"
    I see that : the contact is first on the shoulder and then on the head, both arm are on the body (therefore a full tackle) and he tried to put his face out of the way, that is at least one mitigation factor
    Also that ain't a high degree of danger for me, i know this is subjective but at full speed it ain't reckless or anything
    I don't get it, why they don't use the rules they made up ?

  2. Do we have to have women commentating on mens rugby constantly? its men playing men. Happy for women to commnetate on women games. Common sense. Woke BS

  3. So sick of people saying ‘but it was an accident’ for incidents like that – you don’t get to be careless with your body when you’re that powerful and heavy, you have a duty of care

  4. There are so many outstanding players at Northampton, but for me, Dan Biggar is orchestrating absolutely everything sublimely as the ultimate playmaker.

  5. Another BS red there, he's trying to stop, not even looking to make tackle! What is it coming to these days, laws are there to protect player from intentional dangerous play, not penalise for stuff like that. Pathetic

  6. Saints deserved winners. There was no point in the match I thought falcons would win. The falcons red card was just completely unnecessary from the ref. We need to stop giving out red cards for soft stuff.
    Low velocity, no injury occured, yellow card.

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