25 thoughts on “2022 U.S. Open Highlights: Round 4, Extended

  1. I still like tiger besterest then anyone !! But this guy will i really like him !! Why because he has respect for others and treats others respecful !! So i am for will 100% i hope the medea people dont screw him up ! The media are extreamly evel people. They sway the people 1 way or another and can ruin people if they want !! Leave will alone !! Hes a good guy and he is going to be on top soon !!!

  2. I'm really thrilled for Fitzpatrick winning this, but when you look back, Scheffler could've (and probably should've) won if he didn't hit that errant wedge shot on No. 8 and made par instead of birdie. Great tournament!

  3. Congratulations to the USGA in presenting a thoroughly satisfying and entertaining championship. The major championship organizations have really pulled out all the stops in showcasing the game's most important events.

    The Country Club was a fantastic venue. It looked and played beautifully, and the Boston area crowds take a back seat to no one.

    And congratulations to Matthew Fitzpatrick for a very impressive victory. He was challenged heroically by Will Zalatoris, Scottie Scheffler and the other contenders, and he prevailed. This was a classic U.S. Open.

  4. With these highlights this is the first time I’ve watched a recap of golf and felt like I knew what was happening and got a taste of the pressure and ups and downs of the leaderboard and players

  5. Fitzy played beautifully! Very well deserved! That Bunker shot on 18 was as clutch of a shot as I've seen on 18th hole to win a major! What a great tournament! Usga plz stick with these traditional courses! No chambers bay or Erin hills ever again plz! Lol

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