15 thoughts on “2022 U.S. Open Highlights: Round 3, Early

  1. What a talented group of US Open Golfers the best of the best seems like there all winners benign conditions reens so well maintained and tricky but there going through them like butter on toast even well played shots from the rough wow incredible golf

  2. Hats off to the team who put the course together and manicured even the long hairs around the traps, what a place to find the deep rough as your shot just barely missed the smoothness of the greens. A quick memory from 88 when walking along the course during a practice round watching Watson's technique, and there as if more profound I find an old soul named Karsten Solheim, just there to say hello. Gods grace to you all. Selah.

  3. Not sure why it pisses me off but wish commentators would not say "money" when a good shot is played. It sounds fkn stupid.

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