37 thoughts on “Round 1 Highlights | LIV Golf Invitational London

  1. Great coverage again, as mentioned by many others. Add shot tracers and also when you show off Tee-shots please show the lengths of the shots too, that will for sure increase the viewership of this new era of golf. 🙂 All in all great stuff LIV golf!

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    (Look up at the sky and ask God)

  3. Decent highlights package. Let’s see if some of the lesser known players can become more well known through these events. The standard of golf is pretty good out there.

  4. The PGA/DP should simply copy the shotgun format and teams. The problem here isn't the golf, it's the chopped up journalists. Anyone that's can't see that, is morally lost.

  5. I very much enjoyed watching the entire tournament. Great broadcast production and some quality , competitive golf on display. In company with many I shall continue to watch in the hope coverage will remain free of any charge.

  6. Meaningless and pointless golf….just straight up greed. Never in my life have I ever fantasized about sinking a three foot putt for $4+ million dollars. It was always to win The Masters and put on that beautiful green jacket. The fact is that this “tour” is only there to launder the image of the Saudi regime and that of their leader, MBS. By supporting this “tour,” you are condoning their atrocious human rights violations, the harassment of Saudi ex-pats, and the murder and dismemberment of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. The players, many of them already multimillionaires thanks to the PGA Tour, should be ashamed of themselves for selling their souls for a buck. In spite of all of this, I get it. These are guys who can no longer compete and are just padding their retirement accounts. Me? I’m going to keep on missing that three foot knee knocker of a birdie putt on 18 to win that elusive green jacket.

  7. Good competition for the PGA.
    Love seeing this, after all China the worse human rights group
    Own the NBA and all the players.
    Those clown won't say a word about China's Atrocities.

  8. You lost a fan phil…I know u don't care….but think of this….You said you don't condone "human rights violations"….what about the the studies not even letting women play golf….none the less letting them have a ladies league or drive, show their faces in public…and so on. loyalty to the PGA and America….You can just stay there live and play.

  9. So they currently have about 89k viewers watching as I type this, and only 561k views for the highlights. That's world wide. Doesn't seem to be much interest.

  10. I just read article about 9/11. I mean Comon people. They’re were saying the people that left pga betrayed America yet are on government is betraying us and your more worried about sports. 9/11 was inside job anyways

  11. Sold their soul to the devil… 😂. Like Raiders of the lost Ark, where to Dude couldn’t resist grabbing the necklace? We know what happened next, he vaporized. 🥴

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