37 thoughts on “Golden State Warriors vs Dallas Mavericks Full Game 3 Highlights | 2021-22 NBA Playoffs

  1. Pls. Pray the Rosary & Devine Mercy Chaplet to free all countries from war, hunger, calamities, corruption, abortion, divorce, drugs and all evils.pls. pray for peace on all families and homes…

  2. So being disgusted by this ugly eye poking clown, seriously the committee want to tolerate just like the way US gov indulge the freedom of arm possession?

  3. You can hate the Warriors all you want. They are just pretty to watch, basketball in a pure form. It's why they keep going, not just the players, the style.

  4. I'm not a fan of golden state or any team of that matter but by watching golden state play, Dallas has no idea on making things difficult for Clay Thompson they have to know he's a player of frustration if he did bad on the court Golden state would literally struggle.

  5. Look at the rebound numbers between 2 teams, 46-33. Doncic has 11 which gives the rest Mavericks 22 rebs. Doncic is scoring, rebounding and doing all sorts of things. Even MJ had someone to help him with rebs. Common.

  6. Wiggins elbowed doncic in the face naw personally that’s fine that a monster poster but the refs are calling everything but to them that’s not offensive foul but you get ejected for fuck all these days

  7. Seriously how the hell do you call that an offensive foul on that poster ? These refs have been terrible NBA please bring back coaches multiple challenges and 2 min mandatory reviews we want the game to be called right f speeding it up !

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