35 thoughts on “VOLLEYBALL FIRST PERSON | Championship Final | «Dream Team» VS «Lokomotiv» | Best game 2022

  1. Напишите случайный счёт, чтобы не было спойлеров для тех кто зайдет в комментарии.
    Write a random score so that there are no spoilers for those who enter the comments.

  2. Juegan bien pero mejorar los errores básicos como el saque muchos puntos por error y no por párte de el oponente saludos desde Colombia 🇨🇴😎💥

  3. I think you guys should try more fast attack and different attacks combined like japanese team.
    For the first set, your team seemed like no threat in the center line.
    So it was easily blocked by the opponent with almost two blockers in front of you every attack.
    And your setter should try low sets(or quick set, i don't know what it is in english) more often to get rid of blockers, which means that the rythm of your attacks should be quicker sometimes to make your opponents comfused because lots of time your setter just tossed a high set so that their blocker could easily follow up.(just like the combination from japanese anime haikyu!!)
    And of course i can't as well as you guys because i'm just a casual volleyball lover and player.
    I'm not that yall and strong, so i have to play it smarter to score.
    Maybe i'm just a back-seat player on the internet or outside the court.
    But it is an honor if my suggestions could help you guys play even easier.

  4. Эмм я не понял, счет был 11:15 вы проиграли же? Хотя говорите что выиграли, и все пишут что вы выиграли вроде как? Объясните…

  5. У меня есть только одна претензия, я конечно не ругаюсь на саню, но из-за свитера саня мяч не смог нижней принять, свитер смягчал удар мяча на 47:36

  6. Wow, it’s such a different feeling when watching from the first perspective! It’s much more fun watching like this rather than the official ones like on the olympics🥰

  7. MVP матча Илья:25 очков (15 атак,10 блоков)
    Саня(номер 1):17 очков (11 атак,3 эйса,1 блок,1 скидка,1 накат)
    Саня (номер 9):8 очков ( 6 атак,2 скидки)
    Вадим:13 очков (7 атак,2 эйса, 2 блока, 2 скидки)
    Ега:9 очков (6 атак,1 перех.мяч, 1 блок, 1 эйс)

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