47 thoughts on “I WENT FROM 262 to 320 Golf Drives. THERE ARE NO SECRETS

  1. Fabulous!! How can I find a pro with that apparatus in London? I'd love to get up to 320, I'm stuck around 285 at the moment.

  2. This explains why I hot it 300+. When I was in highschool I was the longest player in the state. I did all this and was chastised for it cause it was unorthodox. Now it seems that's changing.

  3. But amateurs aren’t going on tour. 260/70 and in the fairway is plenty long enough to still regularly shoot low. Try and hit 300+ and it only takes 1 to land off the planet and you aren’t scoring low. IMO

  4. Like to see people use there physical fitness and working out out into the factor in 150 lbs 6 feet and can drive the ball 315 ‘ 330 consistently makes a big difference on core shots for short game as well!

  5. My swing speed is around 112-115 but I'm not getting the distance because I get about 3000 rpm of spin but then I go and swing up on it more, then I blast it 50 yards higher

  6. I've been watching your channel for years and you have absolutely transformed my game in that time. I've gone from mid 90s to low 80s in about the last 4 years. I've gone from hitting a MASSIVE slice to bringing it into a fade that misses right from time to time. Every time I watch a video of yours, I pull a club out and start swinging away in my living room (much to the chagrin of my wife and cats) to see if I can incorporate the new information into my swing. That being said, you blew my mind with the wall analogy. My hip sway is gone (been trying to fix that for months) and I feel so much more stable throughout the swing. Thank you for that, Mark. Keep going and thank you for your content.

  7. Playing with a cheap set I’m able to hit 260-280. My goal is 300+ and I’ve just recently gotten back to hitting and playing after 15+ years off from the game. Last week I changed my grip so much practice is needed. I wish I could get one of those ball trackers.

  8. Throw some workouts into your routine, can be as simple as pushups and pull-ups daily, and you could game 115-120 in a year or two. Well aware this isn’t a fitness channel but golf coaches should be emphasizing physical strength and coordination as much as they do golf fundamentals.

  9. on the topic of grip, I once had a lesson with John Jacobs (I know lucky me) at the age of 13 or 14ish he told me to poke my left hand thumb down a bit………….. it worked wonders with driver length.

  10. I alway felt odd with my golf sing as my feet slide forward after or during impact, I don't and never have snapped the left knee.
    still think I'm a freak swing wise, althought my swing is very traditional, however I play every shot from the front foot, driver to wedge.
    Odd yes?

  11. Just subscribed I’m on 266 ball speed averaging 141 . Trying my best to get faster . What’s one tip in your swing apart from change of grip to a strong one.

  12. Call it the “Crossfield Bundle”, devices that can reliably, affordable, measure ball speed, club head speed, and ground forces. There is a secret and that is measurement of relevant data.

  13. Echoing Barry Oakland – would love to see this broken into key points. Especially weight transfer etc. I’m facing mortality with my X flex builds having to apparently go down to S – I’ve lost surprising mph and want some of it back. At 40something I was banking on brute strength and now at 50something I need to add some technique that makes up for my relative horsepower loss.

  14. How do you get all those ball stats to show up like that on Foresight? I have that simulator & the club markers but don't see where that display option might be.

  15. My swing thought of hitting a wall with a sledge hammer looks almost like what your doing in your "new" swing.
    I added 20 yards to my drives without swinging harder plus my shots are straight or slightly left. Thanks for the video

  16. As a long time follower of yours, I am seriously impressed. I would love to know how you were able to get your post up force quicker in the down swing. I have been playing with that but can’t seem to find it. Any help would be great! Let’s get stuck in! Still my favorite….

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