10 thoughts on “Best Praise and Worship Songs 2022 – Best Christian Gospel Songs Of All Time – Praise & Worship

  1. Was going to say something nice, but after listening to these idiotic advertisements, I feel like praying for the apocalypse.

  2. Blessed is the Lord our God who has endowed all life with ability but unto His own image the gift of conscience that we may know His ways of truth and life. Thank You Jesus for You have poured out Your heart to the world and have preached the Gospel message of hope that we may have life and liberty with human equality and equal justice thereby.

    ​All are endowed with conscience for the purpose of human equality for God has merged the gentile with the Jew for all are called unto repentance for the time of God's promise to Jacob is near. Let all the world bare witness of the salvation of the Lord by the mercy He has shown upon the thief on the cross who cried out with his voice that Jesus is Lord, and He was saved for God is gracious.

    ​May your hearts be filled with honors and praises to the Mighty one of Jacob in the name of His Son, Jesus Christ, for the Lord draws near to them who are witnesses of His faith and grace. Amen

  3. A Testament To The Faith:

    Dear Father Jesus Our Messiah God; Thou Art Gracious Father Unto All The World For You Father God Did Create The Heavens And The Earth, And Have Set The Stars In Their Place By Their Name's In Accordance To The Word Of Your Lord.

    Let Us Praise You Father God In The Name You Have Given Us By Which All May Be Saved, And Come To You For Deliverance From Darkness And Oppression. For By Your Word You Have Established The Promise Given To All. For By Your Word Everything Has Been Established By Thy Faith.

    Lord, Almighty God;

    We Have Our Minds In Fear But Our Hearts Have Been Opened By Thy Grace, For Thy Work Is Finished. In The Arms Of Your Word Lord Jesus We Are Safe And Eternal In You. For Your Word Has Filled All The World From The Heavens You Declared In Faith, And Have Set The Pathways Of The Heavens That None May Reproach Thy Throne, And Have Taken The Oppressed As Thy Servants And Children Alike.

    For Thou Art Mighty Too Deliver And Ready To Receive Unto Thee That Which Is Thee For Thy Words Sake, And By The Merit You Have Put On Faith That We Can Receive You Lord Father God By Faith Alone In Your Word. We Praise You Father Jesus. In You Alone We Are Forever Safe. We Thank You Jesus…Amen

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