44 thoughts on “Golden State Warriors vs. Boston Celtics Full Game 3 Highlights 1st QTR | 2022 NBA Finals

  1. Great job guys you took tonight but dont get comfortable keep that mentality four game for its just as exciting for you as it is for us fans in Boston but dont get cocky keep you minds on the next game but dose annyone else feel that larry bird passion feeling to this series

  2. Celtics size advantage and solid defense was evident tonight ..Good to have Klay back doing Klay stuff, Curry's normal greatness.. Wiggs shot wasn't there despite many open looks, Poole off and nobody else on offense, good game though … Warriors nowhere near done, Fri adjustments with return of motion game and more aggressive defense .. best game so far,

  3. This game is a joke they ref made boston to win and its not good 5 starters of GSW are Foul troulble and in celtics nothing in 3 personal its a joke bias comentator and bias referies nba should not put foster there this will cost a GSW a title again if the favor will be like this again 🙁

  4. Celtics trade Payton Pritchard,Brodic Thomas,Nik Stauskas, Aaron Nesmith,Sam Hauser, Grant Williams, Juwan Morgan,Luke Kornet 2024 draft pick to the Rockets for John Wall,Kevin Porter Jr,Eric Gordon, Kenyon Martin Jr, Christian Wood, Bruno Fernando

  5. Golden State is taking the championship, the midia is hyping Boston up , but the refs are giving all the critical calls to golden state, the nba wants golden state to win and say they was the underdogs , when they was the favorite all along,

  6. Celtics fucking suck in the 3rd quarter I really hope they lose this round….Tatum sucks brown sucks….and smart absolutely sucks all the dicks!!!!!!!!

  7. i swear gsw on early game is so shaky like damn curry needs to stop on going first quarter hes the problem, he only steps up on mid game not the prime curry anymore tbh

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