42 thoughts on “Steph Curry Wins 2022 NBA Finals MVP Award πŸ†

  1. Well deserved. Carried the Warriors offensively. The most efficient, high-volume shooting performance in NBA Finals history. Unanimous FMVP. Top 8 player of all time.


    He averaged 15 ppg . The 22 rebounds a game it was based on his height. Not on skills like Rodman. The guy averaged 56% free throws for his career !!!

    5 mvps because he was bullying people around with his height like wilt.

    1 Allstars mvp
    3 all NBA first team in 13 seasons
    And he and wilt were so bad .so bad as SKILLS PLAYERS. Even with the advantage they had in size and height
    That they only had ( wilt 2) Russell 1 . ALL DEFENSIVE TEAM.
    The most points he had in 1 game ? 37 pts
    And in playoffs 32 in 1 game .

    wilt Chamberlain
    in the championship season…..
    14 ppg 46% free throws.
    While having 2 players on his team averaging 25 ppg each .

    Bill Russell
    5 ALLSTARS in his teams. And in 1972 he had 7 ALLSTARS on his team. 7 fucking Hall of farmers. NO FINALS MVPS
    What a fucking easy way to win championships
    Only 8 teams in the NBA and he had most of the great players on his team
    That's why nobody respect his rings and look at Jordan's 6 titles instead.

    NBA finals 1969
    Wilt 32 years old
    Bill Russell 34 years old

    Game 1. Russell 16 pts chamberlain 15 pts
    Game 2 Russell 9.pts Chamberlain 4 pts
    Game 3. Russell 11. Chamberlain 16
    Game 4 Russell 6.pts Chamberlain 8 pts
    Game 5. Russell 7 pts chamberlain 13 pts
    Game 6. Russell 9. Chamberlain 8
    Game 7. Russell 6 pts , chamberlain 18 pts

    Jerry west 53, Pts 40 pts , 39, pts 42 points. FINALS MVP

  3. This was a hell of a season for curry
    NBA 75th anniversary Team
    Broke his 3 point record
    All star 2022 and all star MVP
    Return to the playoffs and Western Conference Finals MVP
    and now NBA champion and Finals MVP

  4. Stephen curry is OFFICIALLY the face of the NBA and the best player in the league, he took over lebron's era,
    Jordan ( 1992) Kobe ( 2002) Lebron ( 2012) Curry ( 2022)

  5. Stephen curry can have 7 Rings 3 Finals MVPs , 120 points in 1 game , 80-2 season wins .amd 30 3 pointers in a game . AND STILL GONNA HAVE HATERS like nick Wright and Skip Bayless. And marcellus, I think at this point…..we should just stop watching those people when talking about steph .because they do not deserve our attention. It's just pathetic and waste of time. Steph is clearly. Clearly a top 10 all time. And let me know about Bill Russell and Wilt chamberlain so I can prove to you why I don't have them in my top 10 .

  6. Curry been MVP for me for years and imo he didn't have a damn thing to prove before this season but i love seeing them back at the top after falling on hard times and i got mad ass respect for them sticking together instead of fleeing when the ship seemed to be sinking..I'm hoping Draymond and Klay can pull it back together next year..Iguodala too …Knicks and Lakers been my favorite teams for 30+ yrs since i wad a kid but Golden State maybe my third favorite team…i kinda wanted the Celtics to win since GSW been ruling for years then again Celtics have 17 titles ..I'm glad Wiggins was able to put in work and get himself a ring after years of hard times..Curry though maybe my favorite nba player and hes been up there for years..i remember how disappointed i was when we didn't get him on the Knicks ..i can't imagine he could've been any better on the Knicks and odds are things wouldn't have gone the way they have in Golden State for him

  7. No more Durant talk I guess, Steph won before KD joined & after. Beating the same team that swept KD in the first round says a lot…..KD has been back to a finals since leaving the warriors. & has never won a title without Steph & the warriors. This is is big for Chef Curry. This take comes from the biggest Lebron fan by the way so I’m neutral to these parties lol

  8. When a genius appears, the same thing always happens: they try to imitate him without any success and then they try to conspire against him. Kind of like the conspiracy of fools. In the end, the genius prevails, and over time it becomes a myth, a legend.

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