45 thoughts on “2022 USWDGC | R1B9 | King, Mandujano, Mertsch, Ricciotti | Jomez Disc Golf

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  2. 2nd Major of the year. Loving the live coverage, and it's nice to come back and have this post produced content to see every shot on these cards. See how these women got to where they are.

  3. Overall love the commentary…. Major pet peeve tho…. And I see this more and more these days, calling people by their last name….
    Valerie is so much easier to say than Mandujano.
    Just me tho.

    Love seeing Jomez cover the FPO!

  4. Good to see a Wisconsin course on a big stage. Wisconsin is a hidden gem for very fun technical courses. So happy to not have to watch another tournament on a golf course! Great to see these ladies killing it. Might check out the Sunday match!

  5. OG FPO fans remember when there was another dominant Valarie and remember Cindy as just a little kid on champs vs chumps from back in the day. I'm getting old.

  6. Loved the commentary by Paige and Kona.

    One question though, they used the players last names a lot. Was that intentional? Usually you hear just their first ones.

  7. Really cool to see Cynthia on the coverage. I remember when she threw an awesome shot on Champs vs Chumps a long time ago (probably not really that long ago, but it seemes like it) It's great to see her progression in the sport. I'm cheering for her to do well this weekend.

  8. I’d love to play this course and see if I could come in at like top 30 or so. I doubt it tho, these girls are so freaking good. Love seeing them rip. 💪🏽😳

  9. This honestly seems to be a perfect course for the girls. It levels the playing field as the 4-5 with big arms no longer get that massive advantage which is why paige was upset about this course. As good as she is her technical game has fallen off a bit and its just as important as being able to drive 400+. Would love to see more courses like this in big tourneys for mpo and fpo

  10. A lot of exact distance control type shots going on here and like Paige was saying, just a few minor corrections to some of these 1st round shots and we will easily be seeing a lot more birdies. Can't wait to see the rest of this! I think it's set to be a close one now that the 1st round nerves are out of the way.

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