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  1. Such clear, sharp, objective vision as Mr. Windhorst's, does not a GM in this league has ! That he does not run a team befuddles me. As does His wisdom in, more often than not, rewarding idiocy with a lavish hand.

  2. LOL!!! It's not so easy to put a BIG 3 together and win championships…is it Brooklyn? Hopefully people give LeBron a bit more credit now….

  3. NBA contracts are a joke!!! KD's is no savage hes soft like my Mr pillow😂 id make him stay he signed the deal live with it like 99% of us would have to do.

  4. Thank you, Windy, for the clearest explanation of what the Nets options are. Too many of these tv personalities are just shaking their heads at the situation without actually talking about what moves can be made from a realistic perspective. I'm kind of surprised at the 90% chance that KD is going to be traded. Do you think KD would quit playing hard like Harden if he is unhappy? The man was on the Sonics and Thunder for a few bad years and kept working on his game. We still have him under contract for 3+. In any case, this is a sad situation for Nets fans.

  5. what if the Nets offer Kyrie a long term Deal now,wonder will it change KDs Mind if that's the real problem,🤔💯

  6. Idc if ky gets another ring I jus hope he does a lot for our community remember mi brother you will always be looked as a blacc man bro remember that at all times I love the lakers but I love mi ppl more

  7. Kevin Durant really left the Warriors, failed in Brooklyn, then put both numbers one seeds from each conference (Heat, Suns) as his top preferences for a trade 😂

    You cannot make this stuff up.

  8. These talking head saying KD can go where ever he wants are NOT paying attention to the whole story! KD has signed and sealed a 4-Year Contract w/o and player or team option. That is totally different from any other “Trade me because I’m a superstar trades”. Folks a literally missing this crucial detail. KD could sit on the team for 2 years until they get what they want in a trade. They are screwed either way! They’re not getting a star back in return, they shouldn’t settle for less. If they do they are a more terrible organization than I thought.

    If you’re not giving me a top 5-10 player or 2 top 10-15 players I’m not entertaining your offers period! KD is top 3 & Kyrie is top 5-10 (when/if he plays). Nets have ALL the leverage.

  9. Why would you want Suns picks if they expect them to win the championship or at least go far and therefore be high picks

  10. Crazy how the 2 top basketball insiders are two fat, flabby, only goes to the gym to pick up his mommy white couch potatoes🥪🍕🍟🍔🌭

  11. Why not trade Lebron and Russell for KD and Kyrie? Lakers will have Durant and AD for a few more years and get rid of russells contract and the need to extend James

  12. hence why he will end up in Toronto. BKN will end up with Pascal, GT Jr and a bevy of unprotected future first round picks 2026 onwards.

  13. yeah the Nets are done. They should of done what Kyrie and KD wanted. Like yall really threw away all your championship potential by playing hard ball with your star players. yes KD and Kyrie have their own issues but if the front office just shut their mouths and paid them / completed trades the way those guys wanted they wouldnt be leaving. it's clear those guys are the only reason youve made the playoffs. The nets are done for a long time. it will be years until they are back to a high level competing basketball team.

  14. I knew J Will was gonna run and hide after the Kevin Durant news came down. Dude swore Kev and Kyrie were going nowhere; even said there was a zero percent chance Kyrie was leaving Brooklyn.

  15. There's no singular team that has all the assets required to get Durant both in impact players, young talent and draft capital. It has to be a 3 team trade. I don't know if this is possible but it would be funny if somehow OKC got Durant by flipping Giddey, Chet, Dort and like 8 of their draft picks

  16. Brian Windhorst absolutely HATES himself for being the one to put out the news that both KD and Kyrie could POSSIBLY go to the Lakers 😂 now he has to go from show to show to further explain what he meant

  17. I don’t think KD gets traded. There’s no trade out there that makes sense. These reporters are putting all sorts of stuff out there like, trade KD for Brandon Ingram and CJ, or For Devin Booker. If those teams trade the key pieces then they can’t compete for a championship either for why trade for Durant.

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