45 thoughts on “Warriors Championship Defense | 2022 NBA Finals

  1. What's interesting about the Warriors Celtics match-up was that the Warriors scored between 100 to 108 points every game. They were never under 100 nor ever over 110. Boston scored 116 and 120 in their wins, and couldn't break 100 points in their 4 losses. Boston never had a great offense to begin with, and once the Warriors got used to their tendencies and weaknesses, put the clamps on and never looked back.

  2. Funny how the doubters keep on reminding everyone about Celtics' defense when in fact Warriors is the best defensive team before Dray got injured.

  3. People were forgetting warriors were #1 defense before draymond got injured. All those analyst excluding that factor, when saying they would loose to Memphis, dallas, and then Boston. Boston specifically “they’re just too good on Defense for warriors to score “. 😂😂 turns out that was Boston’s downfall , and that warriors were just too deep for the Boston D to keep up. Constantly having to run around screens and watch out for cutters caught up to Boston by games 4-6. Boston Offense is like every other team, lots of ISO

  4. Ofcourse steph cant do much defending bigger players. But for a player his size, I consider him an elite defender already

  5. Defense in the NBA is all about effort and want too & Steph epitomizes giving every thing you got on both ends of the floor and the rest of his team follows suit.

  6. 2022 warriors series and defense… someone had really done their film work on different players' tendencies for spin dribbles – the double downs that deflected and recovered steals were really high. Some of it was just good solid basic defense, but some of it was someone, somewhere building up some intel they shared with the players. You could see them just biding their time and then pouncing, beyond what happens in regular season. Tendencies were tracked and targeted extensively.

  7. Boston was getting all the hype for their defense but our defense was way better than theirs in the finals Golden State defense is underrated we play team ball like a well oil machine LoL

  8. Best defense in basketball. Steph is an elite two way player ever since he came back from the broken wrist and bulked up. Dray is the best QB of a defense in my lifetime.

    And Wiggins, Jesus Christ. He somewhere still digging in Tatums pockets.

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