46 thoughts on “🇷🇸 SRB vs. 🇺🇸 USA – Highlights Week 2 | Men's VNL 2022

  1. defalco with the crazy athleticism. he attacks like a brazillian; jumps out the gym the hits it as hard as he can everytime. his pipe attack is fearsome.

  2. Tuaniga Ensing and TjDefalco played together at longbeach for quite some time. Seeing them on the international level together makes me happy

  3. 😬😬😬😬SERBIA👨‍🦰🏐is very powerful!!! USA👨‍🦰🏐🏐🏐CAN NOW READY TO BEAT RUSSIA BRAZIL MEN👨‍🦰🏐🏐🏐!!!USA 2022 IMPROVES SOOOO MUCH👍👍👍👏👏👏

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