43 thoughts on “Golden State Warriors vs. Boston Celtics Full Game 1 Highlights 1st QTR | 2022 NBA Finals

  1. Love watching the games like this & it's the only way I really have time. Is there any way to get the "next video" graphics from blocking the screen at the end of every quarter?

  2. Boston want's Curry to prove himself thinking he's overrated and he'll fail? lmao. Dumb strategy. "Guys, lets try something counterintuitive and different. Let's not guard Curry, and count on him to miss."

  3. My man this channel is amazing but you gotta let the videos run a little longer so we can see the entire quarter (now it’s ruined with ads/suggestions)🥲

  4. Everytime you have rest and no doubt you guys need it ,you always end up losing!? No rest no breaks no mercy!! Sleep or rest when u die !! Lets go warriors!! Warriors come out and play !!

  5. they tricked gsw, boston made them believe they were weak during the 1st 3 quarters then pumped up their offense on the 4th. gsw was demoralized and surprised. but still GSW in 6 hahaha

  6. Steve Kerr substitution in the 4th quarter screwed up I think. Should have put Wiggins and Looney back in ….he allows Brown to exploded.

    When you're up by 10pts, should have put in your best defensive lineup…having Curry and Poole on the court at the same time is not the best defensive lineup.

  7. I told the Golden State fans this is not going to be a blowout series we are the Boston Celtics and we didn't get here by chance or circumstance we got here by hard work and defense and our offense showed up big time in the fourth quarter as Golden State found out this series is not over but it definitely gives Golden State something to think about because that means they got to try to steal one in Boston and don't be surprised if Boston Wins Game 2 unless Golden State can come up with something we won this game without our star player having a bad game but everybody else elevated that's what makes a team

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