33 thoughts on “Wisconsin vs. Nebraska: 2021 NCAA volleyball championship | FULL REPLAY

  1. I find it odd that the one girl on the Wisconsin team (I think she's a librero) is wearing the same colors as the Nebraska team's main colors. Wouldn't that get confusing?

  2. Just a Huskers fan here, still wondering why Lexi Sun was never used in her final game and in this championship.

  3. I love watching the Nebraska celebrate after winning the 4th set because I know they’re gonna lose and I’ll be satisfied with their disappointment hehe

  4. Badgers are 5 billion times better. John Cook is a dick. Who beat Louisville the Badgers who’ve did beat Louisville not Nebraska. Nebraska lost to them during the regular season.Wisconsin beat Nebraska 3 times eat sh$& and die cook go sob to what Penn State coach did and retire.

  5. i’m watching this to try to understand how volleyball games work but i’m still so confused😭

  6. I know this is very late but…
    congrats to the big W for the big W!!!
    And to Nebraska for making the final.
    Tears of happiness for Wisconsin, tears of pain for Nebraska. But I love all Big ten: you are both champions.

  7. every time i rewatch this game, the bias for nebraska is so apparent with the announcers. it makes it so hard to listen to them. 80%-90% of the time, even on a wisconsin point, they would praise nebraska instead of focusing on what actually happened to get the point. it’s crazy

  8. Why does everyone act like Nebraska is the young team and Wisconsin is so much more experienced?? Demps, Robinson, Smrek, and Orzol are all starters and are very young!

  9. As a Husker fan, this was such a heartbreaker. Nebraska was young, and they picked up a couple hugely talented players this off season. It will be interesting next year.

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