37 thoughts on “Golden State Warriors vs Dallas Mavericks Full Game 2 Highlights | 2021-22 NBA Playoffs

  1. в каком месте там майки соу чип, афелок ты рекламный, 40-50уе за майку, дядя, ты шо, на приколе))

  2. This result of these matchup is no longer important. Dallas has proven everyone they have the huge protential from 22-23 season(especially to Hawks lol). GW has been playing Championship baskball since they got Klay back and they are ahead in experience, back court and etc. Both teams have nothing to lose at this point so far, so I was just like having my popcorn and enjoying the show.

  3. When always the golden state facing the crisis..Stephen curry will gonna show up and give a hopes to his team.his boldness and being a good leader makes their spirit become so high..

  4. This special commentating voice just sounds so weird, like a bad attempt at an AI commentator that blasts phrases. Just talk like a human being….

  5. Y'all be the first to say that I said this " the refs is going to let play through contact because that's how Boston been playing on defense since the All-star break and their offense has been magnificent as well and notice how seldom the ref call " traveling " they actually allow them to use both feet as pivot and this is making the game to easy and exciting for the viewers but this is not the way the game is suppose to be played……Boston vs whoever and I'm a Lakers die heart and a basketball junkie

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