46 thoughts on “Bobby Marks breaks down why the Heat might not be able to get Kevin Durant 👀 | NBA Today

  1. Not gonna lie, we could trade Lowry if possible….he makes too much for his roll with us. Duncan Robinson could have a bigger roll on another team and flourish.

  2. Bobby Marks is a STUPID GM. No Team is stupid enough to trade Zion who has a ceiling of a superstar to be traded for Durant a 34 yo superstar. At the same time, will Durant be enticed to join New Orleans if Zion is the trade chip for him?? GTFOH smh

  3. KD will just drain their money like in GSW and NETS. The biggest loser is NETS being eliminated in the 1st round. He is after personal ambitions rather than the team's benefits.

  4. hol up hol up. while i do agree that jimmy is not as good as a player as KD saying jimmy doesnt do anything for a rebuilding team is pretty insulting. if i was the nets and miami offered jimmy + a pick/player for KD who wants out, id take that deal.

  5. Intrigued with Zion? Dude dint play 10% of games still and this dude is saying they’ll be intrigued by Zion lmao!! ESPN just doesn’t want Durant to go to neither Heat nor Suns

  6. Miami? They are not giving up bam or butler. It would be a dumb trade for Brooklyn. The bulls has a center and young players. Better fit for both sides! The nets need a big desperately

  7. Wouldn't the Nets WANT to trade Ben Simmons? Especially when there's no KD and likely no Kyrie (if Kyrie gets traded to somewhere, or leaves after next season). Who wants to build their team around Ben?!

  8. In 2019, a lot of people said we couldn't afford to get Jimmy, but we did. Last year, they said we couldn't get Lowry without giving up Tyler Herro, but we did and still retained Herro. Micky Arison and Pat Riley got something planned for a certain other superstar if the KD trade fails.

  9. KD wanting to leave just doesn’t make sense to me… the current team in Brooklyn when healthy is better than the teams he’s trying to request a trade to? Like what’s up with dude??

  10. If the Heat get Durant without giving up Bam Adebayo then he has to be the greatest GM of all time. With that being said, I don't think that will happen

  11. If Brooklyn takes the Phoenix trade that tells me a lot about their organization 😒 KD for a few pretty good players & Ok picks at best? …That's not even close to equal value.

  12. It’s simple. You call the nets and ask for KD, nets will immediately ask for you best player. If suns not trading booker than KD won’t be going there

  13. When was the last time a super star caliber player got traded for another super star caliber player … stop this nonsense. We all know when a max players wants out of the team. The team will always lose in a trade scenario. They should be happy if they can get a bunch of young talent + a bunch of draft picks. There is no way Phoenix or New Orleans give up guys like Booker and Zion.

  14. Q: How much can/will the Suns improve gaining the Durantula but loosing Ayton?

    A: Not much. And only for one year. After that, a very young Ayton will be much better than a retired (or should be retired) Durant.

  15. The nets are not going to get equal value for KD. I would just keep him until he leaves as a free agent in 4 years. 3 years of Durant + Simmons + shooters (mills, curry, harris) + maybe Kyrie should be enough to contend.

  16. If the Pels trade Zion to BKN I'll forever hate David Griffin, I've already had it up to the brink with that stupid old man. Sean Marks is an absolute muppet too, he better trade Ben Simmons off too NYK for RJ Barrett if this all goes down, trade Kyrie away too the heat for Herro, Robinson or Bam, something like all this surely

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