33 thoughts on “Collin Morikawa vs. Lucas Herbert 900-YARD Par-7 Challenge | TaylorMade Golf

  1. That was so cool how their natural conversation on the course just happened to be all about tp5 golf balls. That's really an ideal situation for taylormade…….and no one came off as awkward shills in the slightest…….

  2. "Why did you choose the TP5?". "It gives me so many options around the green". The real answer would be: "That's the only option, since I am sponsored by TaylorMade Golf."

  3. This ball is excellent. The TP5 is the best feeling ball on the market and I had rounds where I played 2 balls each hole to compare the TP5 vs PROv1, AVX, left dash, Srixon, Callaway CS X LS. Irons and driver feel – TP5 by a million!

  4. 900 yards on the green in 4 with a 15 foot putt. Really shows you the difference between the pros and us when they’re doing that and we’re just hoping to be on the green in 4 putting for a par on a 500 yard par 5 😂

  5. if you do the math backwards you can easily par this with irons only. 4x 5 iron is about 1100 yrds. You could make par with just 7 iron and putter probably.

  6. TP5, TP5, TP5… I mean good lord, this is a great idea for a video, but I don’t want this trash advertisement shoved in my face. In fact, this video convinced me to never buy a damn TP5 again.

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