43 thoughts on “Rory McIlroy | Every shot from his win at RBC Canadian Open | 2022

  1. Keepin it classy PGA Tour. Featuring your mouth piece against LIV using the Saudi royal family as your canon fodder. We all agree that they are pitiful with human rights, downright diabolical if you will. At the same time y'all are loving on the RBC and Nike. The RBC was one of the players setting up ARAMCO (Saudi royal families oil conglomerate) making millions off the deal. And Nike with all their sweat shops in Asia with lil kids with no education and the poor farmers as well. So please, get off your self righteous soap boxes and just embrace the competition. Or cancel every business entity that y'all deal with that has human abuse rights issues. Thank you…

  2. Very boring is rory. Very two faced is rory. Turned his back on his own Euro Tour and National Open then pontificates about loyalty !!!!! Rory is , like most people who criticise the LIV players, money grabbing HYPOCRITES. The US PGA acts like the a dictatorship in keeping with what all of America has become.

  3. I thought he was going to tank again on the back nine on Sunday but he fought hard. Haven't seen him do that alot in the past 5 years.

  4. Wow so the pga tour can do better than a 3minute video, shame it took liv golf to give them the incentive and the kick up the arse they needed

  5. The sanctimonious PGA stooge McIIrory will disgrace himself in due course. He has thrown stones in glass houses. He is another Prince Andrew type when it comes to women (just like Tiger Woods). He will trip up sooner or later and then his name will be mud to many. USGA CEO Mike Whan is the first sane and mature voice in the LIV debate. I have the highest respect for Mr. Whan's attitude. May the childish PGA Stooge McIIroy and his PGA master Monahan take a queue from Mr. Whan's playbook.

  6. I just realized, is Harry Diamond no longer Rory's caddie? Or for this event, he's taking a leave of absence to recuperate for the US Open?

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