40 thoughts on “Can We Win a $100,000 Golf Tournament?

  1. This is my home course and those green are so strange and very hard to read. I loved this episode!! It was awesome seeing y’all play a course I play 2 times a week sometimes 3.

  2. I can confirm the rumor of having a club for the rocky areas. For me it's a 9 iron cause it can be opened up like a wedge and closed up for low pitches like a 7 or 8

  3. Desert clubs are a must here in the southwest. When I play desert courses, I switch out my 7 Iron and sand wedge to junkers so that I don't wreck my good set.

  4. It has to be said, why did you guys drive it so much? With short holes me and my friends always catch the fairway no matter what and make sure you have an approach shot. That’s what it’s all about not worrying about getting as close as possible!

  5. Still To this day I watch your videos and every time and I think to myself I remember when I was watching from the beginning when you just had a few thousand subscribers to see where it has evolved today is remarkable.

  6. do a video where you have a pro teach you all how to read greens. all of good good could benefit from some pointers

  7. hitting driver way too much when you dont need to. you guys hit far with any club so might as well go as short of a club as you can

  8. My name is Alex Casatelli and a caddie at Harbour town golf links home of the RBC HERITAGE. Y’all should come out and host a video have a great idea!

  9. Bubbie – “I really like 52 degree here…” *Shanks it right* “ I did not feel comfortable over that at all, I was in between clubs” 😂

  10. All you guys a great. Really enjoy good and All your channels. Keep up the great work. You inspiring to us all. Thank you soo much lads

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