26 thoughts on “Brooks Koepka, Patrick Reed & Pat Perez Explain Leaving PGA Tour for LIV Golf | LIV Portland Presser

  1. It would be funny for these guys to do some research on where the money comes from with some of these media outlets asking questions and to ask them the same types of questions right back at them 🤔

  2. THANK GOD! The slave masters at the PGA have held a monopoly on the sport in the USA since the late 1800’s. 3 great men in this interview! Oh, the “bad boys”, you know the ones, taking care themselves and family first! Very classy to keep the slam bashing low, because that will definitely ruffle feathers of people and golfers who really don’t follow it. No one ever talks about 139th on the money list bleeding money, having to stay out on the road just to hope they can get it together just to pay the bills! Regular folks need to understand you men are TOURING PGA card holders. Well, not now, due to short sided hypocritical officials, commissioner and slave driver want it ALL OR NOTHING. Guess what? I’ll take nothing, and watch real men enjoy, grind, and fall back in love with GOLF! LETS GO 54! I want to LIV!

  3. Pat Perez, I’m going to have to explain to my son why I wasn’t at his birth lol, I don’t think he’s gonna give a shit with all toys he’ll have, just admit you’ve all done it for the money most of us would!

  4. I too feel bad for professional golfers on the pga tour. Just imagine the hardship of playing golf for a living. Stacking cash upon cash, walking endlessly around in beautiful places only to be mocked by the meritocratic tyranny where you are supposed to perform well and your worth depends on your abilities. Good grief it’s so unfair just think about it……millionaire’s playing with a stick for money but can’t be certain of earnings every week after 36 holes of golf while 327 million workers globally are paid for certainty at their countries' minimum wage for work 7 days a week 8 to 10 hours a day. Think about it – the average PGA Tour player earned about $1.5 million in 2021. The national average salary in the US in 2021 was $56,310. REVOLT you underpaid, underprivileged golfers REVOLT and join the Saudi regime by sport washing their horrendous deeds. Why not and in the process destroy the very foundation your sport is built on and ignore the fact that you wouldn’t have had any notable career’s or legacies without it……….all of this destruction because of an selfish urge to have even more things and bigger jet’s. Good grief and good luck with that!!!!

  5. Amazing the Sheeples once again buying into the 9/11 COVER-UP…. LOLOL I mean really, these Guys hit fawking golf balls. LOL Looking up to them like they are Rock Gods is BEYOND comical. They're NOT Rock Stars and offer absolutely NOTHING to the good of Humanity… OOOPS OUCH!!!! Give them each a couple billion created out of thin air paper dollars and let's get on with it. They deserve way more than the rest of society for being such contributors to the work force, whatnot. This obvious STAGED, SCRIPTED interview is for the BLINDED sports fanatic. I meant the blinded PROGRAMMED sports buff. LOLOL hahaha D U H ! ! ! What will we do WITHOUT them??? lol

  6. Perez is an idiot; like most of the arrogance expressed by those moving over to LIV, purely monetary decision. However, the boys on the PGA tour are getting direct benefit of the defectors; doubling purses ain't no small change. I guess these injured and aging soldiers; like bryson, koepka, reed, are taking the money in the short run, and do not mind 2yrs of suspension. Its all about the loot, and you don't even have to win; just enjoy the exhibition.

  7. I see Patrick Reed continues to be his endearing self….. Wearing a Hublot watch the most hated watch brand and sporting LIV Golf- Hublot logo shirt and hat. The guy has all that talent but will be forever known as a cheat and douche.

  8. Patrick Reed is such a phony. I'm glad the LIV has him. They can monitor his cheating. His college team mates ratted him out as a cheat, he's been caught cheating on the PGA Tour and the officials turn a blind eye. He's where he needs to be.

  9. I love the collection of real winners LIV is collecting. Every single one of them has their best golf ahead, are in their peak shape, and just great human beings all around.

  10. Funny how no one wants to bring up the U.S human rights violations. Recently
    Roe V Wade. Tuskeegee Airman. MK Ultra. The Sterilization of Native Americans. The Trail of Tears. The list is quite long.

  11. Pat Perez? Yeah, can't wait. Last win was 5 years ago and he is 46 now. Same with many others. They just don't win anymore on the PGA Tour, so let them make their money in the minor leagues. The PGA Tour will continue to be much more compelling.

  12. Human right? US kills millions of unborn babies and have made it legal. US has destroyed, Lybia, Iraq, Syria and other countries over the years. Please what a hypocrisy. US has killed more unborn babies than any other countries and era.

  13. Rather watch paint dry , then these 3 has beens, and the shot gun start is stupid. In Liv golf, when reed ends up in a sand trap , can he tee it up, on a mound of sand ?

  14. Why do people aspire to become journalists??? Why pay all that money in education just to be taught how to be an asshole? These journalists are under this misapprehention that these players give a shit what they think or what they'll write about them.

    Hey journalists!!! Nobody cares what you have to say. You are useless human beings.

  15. Ok great, hey next let's have a Mexican cartel tour….That should give the kids something to dream for. Screw y'all, stay away from my country traders.

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