30 thoughts on “This NBA Finals 'CEMENTED' Steph Curry's legacy – Stephen A. Smith | SC with SVP

  1. I think in my opinion..he was going thru so difficult times including those sports analyst and experts belittled him all the way…thats why he has demonstrated his disappoinments for them..

  2. After ESPN's desastrouas last year's chopping-bloc, resulting in so many talking heads being scrutinized and even sacked, Stephen A. Smith made one decisive call to cement his place on national tv by pronouncing the GSW as his pick to win it all in 2022, and he done that early on in the season.
    Kodo's to him for that!!

  3. Steph Curry is best shooter in the world best team mate can bring a multiple championships no doubt Steph Curry is in all time top 10 nba greats his impact to his team is phenomenal unselfish player but dominant good team leader know how to win games.

  4. Now I think about it, why don't more primary defenders guard Steph from the full-length of the court like Gary Payton has done at times or Wiggins did with Luka?

  5. Those are the tears of a man who has given everything to make it back to the mountaintop. The money hasn't dulled his fires, and that is one of only 100 reasons to be appreciative of Steph Curry – one of the greatest ten to ever do it. Not arguable. I'll take him over Wilt or Bird at this point. Were it not for 2019, we could be looking at his 5th ring….and he still could very well be back there.

    Hail hail, the conquering heroes – your 2022 GSW!

  6. I know it's become a kind of tagline for Stephen A, but I wish he'd stop calling Curry "the greatest shooter God ever created." Sure, it's true enough. But he's way more than that. Smith even acknowledges that in his monologue.

  7. He's not a top 10 player, just because he has 4 chips. A great team around an all time great player, makes anyone look like a top 10 player. But why do we have to exaggerate him?

  8. The NBA giving Curry the Kobe treatment give all my of his credit to the other teammates because they favor other superstars then finally praise him when he get ring 4 because it’s quit after that.

  9. as a lebron fan i had to have a little hate for steph. now that lebron is on his way out I'm team steph. I want to see this man get 6 or 7 rings. i believe he can get it done!

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