40 thoughts on “MAZDA RX7 In Racing Games

  1. People always saying that Forza looks better than gran turismo but when i see 12:50 forza 7 and then gran turismo SPORT i wonder like, but how that can Even possible? Forza looks way less realistic, the colors look like plástic, and gran turismo SPORT looks way more natural, more smooth like a real envirement

  2. This is my absolute favorite car of all time. A literal work of art, but I don’t like the rocket bunny kit. RE Amemiya and Abflug kits look the best in my opinion(and yes I am a NASCAR fan and love watching cars go in circles).

  3. Watching this has made me realize… wow, the sense of speed in the Gran Turismo series really took a massive nosedive in GT5 onwards.

  4. RX7 FD3S is third generation after RX7 FC3S and RX7 FB3S, RX7 FD3S they be have Rotary engine drive car from mazda japan. But Mazda RX7 FD has appears in game Zero4champ 1993 – Gran turismo7 .in Films Initial d, Wangan midnight, Thunderbolt, FAST and furious, and more, But the RX7 FD3S has first production in since 1992-2003

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