30 thoughts on “Golden State Warriors Introduce 2022 NBA Draft Picks!

  1. aww, Gui Santos is a little shy. I bet there's gonna be a lot fans for him since he's quite handsome. can't wait to see how they will play comes the start of the season

  2. FREE WNBA STAR 2 πŸ₯‡ AMERICAN BRITTNEY GRINER! HER life matters just as much as Russian Ukrainians & Trevor Reed lives. Racism is EVIL it's of the Devil.

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  4. Golden state did a great job drafting these 3 Great future Nba stars ⭐️ and building around their veterans and just being able to be a fantastic franchise is just amazing for them and the way they can get back on task so quickly even after a major event is absolutely excellent πŸ‘

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