50 thoughts on “Pro Golfers Who Have CHEATED On The Course..

  1. You have a pretty convoluted idea of what constitutes cheating. Most of these were penalized which is part of the game. Cheating is when you know your breaking the rules regardless you still try and get away with them. Using the rules for your benefit is smart golf. The unplayable lie is a perfect example. You can at your discretion decide if you can make a shot, if not take the drop. That’s not cheating but it’s not playing the ball it lies either. It helps to know the rules.

  2. Hitting a ball that's moving isn't cheating. It's perfectly within the rules of the game which is why there's a penalty for it. If you have a situation like Phil, where it will take you another 3 or 4 shots to get back to where you are, you can do exactly what Phil did and stop the ball from rolling off the green by hitting it while it's still moving. Your other choice is to declare it "unplayable" and under penalty of two strokes replay the shot. Either way it's a two shots penalty but not cheating!

  3. ive seen a lot cheating in sports. and if this is what golf goes through, thats just a little sad bc this whole vid was barely even scratching the surface of cheating. more like tedious rules that really only serve to hinder the player rather than uphold the status of pro golf. idk. childish it seems to me.

  4. This is a golf YouTube channel and this guy says these things in a matter of 8 minutes…
    1. "Routine 7 footer"
    2. "Books Kwepka"
    3. "110 tour wins"
    4. Legally moving a boulder is cheating
    5. "Ah men corner"
    6. "Negative 2" instead of "2 under" or "minus 2"

  5. This video was incredibly annoying. Why couldn't the narrator say Brooks Koepka's last name correctly, why did he quote golf scores as "minus four" (as opposed to "four under" )…and for God's sake why did he keep saying "stay tuned" for things that immediately followed the statement! Garrgh! I hate that I watched the whole thing.! This video is why there is a dislike button.

  6. Bro, learn how to pronounce the players names if you’re going to make golf videos. Brooks Koepka … KUEPKA?!

  7. Both of Woods mgrs. were nailed for selling Steroids. Woods hasn't won a big match since they started drug testing. Nicholson either.

  8. I play in a senior men's club, most of these guys cheat and are the biggest sandbaggers I've met. I shoot a 74 with a 6 hdcp and come in 3rd place on low net. wow I'm playing against pro's.

  9. Your video stinks. Palmer's ball was embedded and he was entitled to get a free drop. Venturi was a crybaby. Palmer broke no rules and the first official was an idiot. Good thing that that official got over ruled. Every golfer is allowed to use the rules to their advantage. It has always been that way and still is. However, Reed is a definite cheater.

  10. I’m a pro golfer and what Phil and Tiger did isn’t close to cheating on top of everything Phil didn’t even have a chance to win he was mocking the usga. You may as well say Bryson cheats bc he hits it farthest

  11. A "routine 7 foot" putt downhill that if you don't hit it dead center will roll 10 feet past..

    And that's more like 13 feet!

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  13. CLICKBAIT on the thumbnail showing a secret golf ball in a blue plastic ballholder attached to a golfer's sock. It always amazes me when videos about cheating and not being honest use dubious methods like CLICKBAITING. This cheapens an otherwise good video. We all deserve better.

  14. Tiger is the greatest to ever do it… But he should not have been allowed to move that boulder. You can't move trees, right? Then why can you move a boulder? 🤔🤨

  15. Patrick Cheat was the only real case of cheating here imo. Having a history of questionable situations does not help his career

  16. Basically, imo.. this shows that in a game of honesty and integrity; the human flaw, can show at any time.
    To use a phrase;
    "It's what we do." sometimes. From Adam & Eve, till the end of time.

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