30 thoughts on “Golden State Warriors vs Memphis Grizzlies Full Game 4 Highlights | 2021-22 NBA Playoffs

  1. ESSE JOGO FOI O PIOR JOGO EA HISTÓRIA. Curry errando as bolas de 3 pontos. Thompson errando bolas de 3 pontos. Esse FOI PIOR JOGO DA HISTÓRIA DO GSW

  2. Once again the coach of Grizzlies made a fool decision. Steven Adams is a great defender and he also protect his teammate to get into the rim. This player needs to play ample time in 4th quarter.

  3. memphis grizzlies just not making smart decisions under pressure. should not have fouled steph so early with 20 secs left, instead should have double teamed him so the ball went to somebody that was a worse free-throw shooter and then foul, so steph shoots 2 free-throws and we know that result.
    and then the next play from the grizzlies is wtf with 13 seconds left their power forward forces himself to attempt a 3 point shot over another player with 2 other defenders around…we know the result of that decision, painful to watch

  4. 2 huge plays down the stretch stand out to me. curry with the flop under the hoop and jackson jnr with the horrible shot selection game defining moments

  5. Achei o GSW e a torcida um pouco apáticos nesse jogo, felizmente venceram. A ausência do Morant ajudou muito ao GSW. Draymond Green sempre fantástico na defesa, não aparece tanto quanto Curry, Thompson e Poole mas certamente é um dos responsáveis pelos grandes resultados da equipe.

  6. Nice floping of curry in the offensive rebound from grizzles. Memphis got robed in the last possession for to ahead in the score. The refs pushed the warriors for the win.

  7. Morant is the reason i started watching NBA again after MJ left… that should say enough 😑 no bs i love the GSW, but only that kid makes me rewind his moves in disbelief

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