35 thoughts on “Japan 🆚 Korea – Full Match | Women’s Volleyball World Cup 2019

  1. I did not watch almost of all the games of this tournament because of Chinese Team. they have gone down more than 70% . If they want to be the number in the world they have to improve more than 200% from the present status. I am still a great fan of china. so, I don't watch.

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  3. 일본 것들 웃기네, 지들 비디오판독할 때는 디테일하게 느린 화면으로 보고, 한국이 요청하니까 화면은 안보여주고 왠 조잡한 그래픽으로 보여주는건지…..아주 얍삽한 일본 짐승들……그냥 눈대중으로 봐도 아웃이구만….하여튼, 일본에서 경기만 하면 일본 선심들 아주 추잡해.

  4. 33:10
    See how Lee Da Yeong (19) passes the ball, like standing for a few seconds in the air and then touches the ball and passes it very well. This is a setter technique that can make blocking opponents difficult to know the direction of the ball that is given. Techniques that are difficult for a setter player. Very rarely.

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