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  1. After this kind of performance from Celtics, it becomes really hard to imagine the Warriors having the slightest of chances of winning this match.

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  3. 哨音明顯不利於勇士,塞爾蒂克投籃輕輕一碰到就判勇士犯規,相反地 curry 都被打手和推倒了,裁判視而不見,同樣情形在勇士其他人也一樣

  4. No dogfight battle against golden state….boston looks like f-116 u.s made jet fighter….they attack like tora tora plane…..bomb golden state like moscow blast.wartiors turned to a slaughtered wild buffallo

  5. Marus Smart & Al Horford should get massive credit for step'n up big time. The C should win it all. Warriors have a big problem on Defense.

    Go Celtics

  6. green is just an additional uniform in g3 non factor cant shoot, can be eaten alive in defense, curry is a screamage dummy unless he grows taller and heavier over night. then this series is a wrap.

  7. Golden state will lost because of Coach Kerr favoritism… I'm not a coach but in the game offense is first priority. And instead of putting Jordan Poole in the game he put Payton instead. He also gave playing time to Moody, but not to Kuminga. For me Kuminga is a good and bigger player compare to Moody.

  8. Green is such a non factor offensively… he gives no space he can’t shoot, and Kerr does not match Celtics youth energy. He needs to try a burst off the bench from the youngs

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