29 thoughts on “Grading EVERY Pick Made In The Top 10 Of The 2022 NBA Draft…

  1. Because passing on a guard when your last two drafts you took good guards is a bad idea? Disagree on that one, its like the chargers taking a round 1 receiver when they already have enough talent. Why would you get more depth for a position you don't need? Makes no sense to me personally I think the kings made a great decision bc bagley is not that guy

  2. You downplay the best scorer in the league , one of the best rebounders , the most consistent shooter and a solid- good defender … You are talking ballshits

  3. Houston Rockets Is My New Favorite Young Team To Watch , Also Can’t Wait To See The Cade/Ivey Duo In Action!

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  5. Just some feedback, but when a team didn’t get an A I would like to know what you think they could have done better at the pick and with the players available. I think you did that for Kings and Spurs but not the others.

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