29 thoughts on “Golden State Warriors vs Boston Celtics Game 4 Full Highlights | 2022 NBA Finals | FreeDawkins

  1. Arguably the most important game in this series, and Curry lead GSW to a win with a clutch performance. GOAT.

  2. 2-2 or 3-1 …. only 40+ performance could help the warriors to tie, if 3-1 the odds make the celtics champs … we ll never know if curry would be able to make a cme back like kyrie and bron, what a game what a champions those warriors are, they deserve it, and thats it definitively Curry doesnt need KD he just need his real bro, klay and dray, and Kerr do not forget kerr

  3. game 4 is the most exciting games in these series, and Chef is the game changer against the athletic, bigger, resilient and tougher celtics

  4. I dont know who's more badder: FreeDawkins or GSW's performance in game 5 🤔… All I know is that its my 6th time watching this highlight video 😎

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