40 thoughts on “Round 2 | LIV Golf Invitational London 2022

  1. Golf indeed is a game that one “completes” with oneself, in a harmonious body movement, hopefully. For golfers, it is mainly about money and game planning. Ever since the infamous PGA cancelled its championship at Trump Golf, I wish its monopoly will be broken, and it is happening.

  2. This is nothing but stroke play. Don’t even play w a team mate! What’s different? Nothing to me! I’m not impressed at all. Lame team names! Where are the Camels???

  3. If I had a dollar every time they threw it to Sue-Ann to just get complete silence I could start my own Saudi golf league

  4. great coverage, fine tune a few more things it'll be tops. commentators were great more lively joking meandering conversations. like the euro tour.

  5. I like the format, I like the non stop coverage. The team names are terrible, but as a first time, it was well done.
    Also not keeping the game of golf behind a paywall is HUGE for the game. Well done LIV golf.

  6. I started to watch, but I went back to watch the Curtis Cup which was airing at the same time. It was a lot more exciting. I love golf and watch many of the tours along with collegiate golf. We will see where Liv goes.

  7. Good players, solid golf and some great initiatives for tv viewer very easy to watch and enjoy.

    Whatever you may think about the Arabs this clearly places the spotlight on them, they fuck up from here they won’t get another chance.

  8. Enjoying this broadcast, thanks to all the former? Pga players for joining. Hope it doesn’t become ppv in the future. And happy to hear Bryson Dechambeau is joining as well. Also I will not be watching any pga events unless they let these players including Phil Mickelson back in.
    Again, LIV, please dont make these PPV.

  9. I'm not a fan of this league in the slightest. That said, I'm excited to go watch the next event in Portland! Lol. The PGA tour never has a stop in the PNW.

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