25 thoughts on “1 HOUR of the Best 2022 NBA Finals Highlights 🏆

  1. Me quedaron claras 3 cosas: 1.-Que Setph gana ANILLOS con o sin Durant 2.-Que Ayesha puede cocinar y 3.-Que Steph es el basquetbolista más habilidoso y con mejor puntería DE TODOS LOS TIEMPOS!!!

  2. Warriors should not have lost game 1. Celtics stole that one. But considering they played a better game in game 2, with both JT, JB firing, they def dropped game 2, esp the 3rd quarter.

  3. Thanks for posting these great highlights. But the undocumented story of the series was the Warriors team defense that shut down the. Celtics offense in the final 3 games of the series.

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