1. Massive respect for trying, you tube can always make everyone look good but to put your self out there and a couple of bad breaks you’ve got a new subscriber 🙌

  2. Ah George, just one of those days with the flat stick! You should be immensely proud all the same, creating honest, raw, immaculate content in such a pressure cooker of a situation is really admirable! Also what a great adventure to have with Mills too! Wishing you all the best, can't wait to see you out here again next year! 🔥🔥🔥

  3. Great video George! Seemed like the putter was the difference, man. There is a lot to be said for your demeanor and attitude, even when you don't have the best tournament rounds.

  4. I know there is disappointment but you played very well and more importantly, what a great guy you are! I love the positivity that you always show. I’m glad that I happened upon your channel! All the best to you George!

  5. Your putting betrayed you. You look a bit nervous. Your swing is not as fluid as usual (a bit quicker due to the stress). Good job. gentleman Hope you will try next year you have the game to reach your goal. Kiss (not a french one😅😅I don't want to be murdered by your wife) from France

  6. I'm sure you're very frustrated but you handled yourself well. Great form thanking the R&A before you dove into your recap.

    It seemed like one of those rounds where you could have shot 5-6 shots better without much difficulty. Keep grinding!

  7. Really enjoyed your video George – great attitude and positivity – and as you imply, it always comes down to the putting!
    As an Alwoodley Club member I hope you enjoyed Mackenzie’s first design, which i hope you agree is a tough but fair test. Best wishes for your future – and perhaps come back to visit us again!

  8. I love your golf swing George. You are definitely a great golfer. I believe you have what it takes. Have confidence in yourself bud. You are awesome.

  9. Great job! What an experience. You handled yourself well under the pressure. Keep it rolling, you’ll get there! Looking forward to future tourneys!

  10. Is there someone trying to scam people on here saying you have one a new set of golf clubs. They asked me to message them on telegram ??

  11. Good stuff. You just got some bad breaks and had to hit out of some tough spots. Easily coulda been a -2 round but that's Golf as you said. Keep going!

  12. Guys, I think you have a bot scam going on with your comments. I received an offer for full set of irons, just pay $135 shipping through a cash app. Just an FYI

  13. What a waste of money lmfao you're definitely not good enough to make it in these tournaments. Course management was absolutely horrible. Wrong clubs wrong shots and just all around terrible play. All your fan boys will tell you how good you are, real people will tell you what's wrong. Hitting irons off of 305 hole is just stupid , then hitting iron on 456 yd par 4 that's just dumb management. Just be honest with yourself and stop trying to act like you're a world class pro. You're a average golfer at best and the tour is for the absolute best golfers in the world and you sir are not one of them.

  14. I'm here after the Rick Shiels Podcast. Really enjoy listening to your philosophy around golf, and your enthusiasm. So i'm a fan now, and i love your swing!

  15. Great effort! Hope the next one is even better! Where do you get your belts? As a fellow glasses wearer, I'd love to get one for myself!

  16. Absolutely striping it, not adjusting to the pace of the greens made you too tentative. Great holing out from inside 6ft though. This should have been at worst a -2 round. Awesome playing.

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