20 thoughts on “THE FINAL CALL: Golden State Warriors 2021-22 NBA Champions 🏆

  1. All the criticism KD got is 100% justified now. Congrats to Curry. Funny how he was actually emotional this time vs 17 & 18…because he actually had to try and it wasn’t guaranteed.

  2. It was a rough couple of years but we made back on top Eteph was about to have me crying with him Lord knows he worked his ass off the whole team did #GSW 🌁🏆

  3. Revenge for 1964 and for the years prior in which the Celtics got the better of the Warriors back in the early-to-mid '60s. I bet Nate Thurmond, Paul Arizin and Wilt Chamberlain are both all smiling at Steph and company right now. 🙂

  4. First met Steph when he was 9/10 & my then 7 yr old daughter was part of Dales summer league. Even at that age, he was very mature, focused, quiet. A bit sulky but already a great shot! I’m so glad to see him winning & having his head on straight!

  5. At-least YOU didn't include the Jason Tatum Ruffles Commercial at the end when ABC was going to its first commercial break. haha KUDOS!

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