33 thoughts on “Korea 🆚 Brazil – Full Match | Women’s Volleyball World Cup 2019

  1. Today, Korea is unrecognizable, loses to everyone. Brazil, both male and female, generating concerns here, for some low performances, imagine Korea. If you doubt it today, in the match between Korea and Brazil, third-to-last in the League of Nations, Korea will play as if it were the title.

  2. Cómo pudo perder Brasil contra Korea ,Brasil es superior es unos de los equipos más fuertes como Usa ,China ,Rusia y no Korea es que sea un equipo débil pero Brasil es más fuerte

  3. and i superb agree for the commentators when he said KYK10 dont need to showing her displeasant because Dayeong not giving her a set. its not always makes somethings happens and she started ignoring Dayeong after that, what a superstars player 👍👍

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