50 thoughts on “Medvedev vs Simon; Auger-Aliassime, Fritz All In Action | 's-Hertogenbosch 2022 Day 4 Highlights

  1. I'm loving these highlights because they tell the story of the match rather than soley showing the best points. But how do we go straight from Khachanov getting broken to go down 4-0 to his match point. Kinda weird but still really enjoy these.

  2. Pathetic that rally’s are going 20 plus on a grass court. Takes no skill to play on different surfaces anymore. Basically all the same speed. Slow and boring tennis is on the way in the near future

  3. Clay to grass is so different in play, it's hard for a spectator to adjust. Imagine an actual player in this tournament from the French and the next week to this! 😵‍💫🤯

  4. Am I the only one who feels like Medvedev uses a raquet with a head that’s like twice as big as anyone else? Is this just an optical illusion, or the way he holds it, or what? Maybe I’m just crazy.

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