29 thoughts on “Boston Celtics vs Miami Heat Full Game 7 Highlights | 2021-22 NBA Playoffs

  1. If that Butler 3 went in, it will be a totall different story. But not blaming Jimmy at all. He did his best. Win or lose, Heat all the way.

  2. that sequence where struss made the 3 and then butler got the offensive rebound man the crowd was going nuts would had been the most incredible comeback and shot if butler makes that 3

  3. The NBA has become boring. These guys shoot threes like layups. They no longer have to work for a good shot. They can just throw them up from downtown and they go in at an astounding rate.
    The solution is not to move the three point line further out, as many suggest, which means enlarging the court at great cost. The solution is simple — make the rim smaller.
    Reduce the rim size by a quarter inch and suddenly all those threes stop going in and teams have to actually work for a closer, higher percentage shot. It will make the games much more entertaining since made baskets will become less common. And with a smaller rim when they do actually make a three pointer it will be a much bigger moment.

  4. Heat would have won if Butler took 30 shots. He needs to learn how to completely take over games like Kobe and MJ did or Heat will never win a championship.

  5. Stop giving butler a pass for missing that shot. If steph or Lebron had missed that same shot they’d have gotten destroyed. He choked

  6. I simply can't understand Butler's last 3 point attempt, missing it meant losing the series. While if he went for a 2-point play it was 99% sure he'd make it and tie the game.

  7. I don't know how realistic it is, or how it would work tactically, but I would love to see Jimmy team-up with Giannis somehow and create one of the most mentally tough duos to play the game. What a resilient dude. Chins up Miami, you did a good job.

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