1. I think that Liverpool are more capable of winning the Premier League title with Man City 2nd, Chelsea 3rd, Spurs 4th, Man U 5th and Arsenal in 6th. Bournemouth and Fulham to be relegated along side with Southampton and/or Leeds United. And Brentford and Nottingham Forest to stay up in the Premier League.

  2. Forest never ever go down again 💪
    Minimum 12th place directly behind Brentford and I'm sure Newcastle break into the first 5👌and it's ridiculous to put WHU so far away from the top ⚽⚽⚽ never ever!!!!!

  3. The three teams who got promoted are the relegation favourites to go back down⚽.if one survives it will be a surprise 🤔..the quality they are up against is 3 times more difficult ⚽👍

  4. Harsh on Forest because most fans believe that they will survive, have another great cup run and provide an upset or two on their journey. I believe either Leeds or Everton will be in the relegation dog fight with Saints, Fulham & Bouremouth.

  5. Why do the bookies put the big 6 in the top six every season regardless of their finishing positions i swear they do this every season

  6. As a forest fan. I’m not surprised that we are favourites to go back down. Bournemouth were very lucky to go up automatically. Also I don’t rate Parker as a manger so they are gonna finish rock bottom for me.

  7. Even before I even watch I know that Arsenal will be underestimate yet again. Seriously last season people was saying that Arsenal would go down especially what happened after the 1st 3 games. Also I know that Newcastle will take Man Utd's place in the top 6 even if they sign De Jong the team is still the one that has that useless fridge at their defence.

  8. 1) Man City
    2) Liverpool
    3) Spurs
    4) Chelsea
    5) Arsenal
    6) Manchester United
    7) Newcastle
    8) West Ham
    9) Leicester
    10) Wolves
    11) Brighton
    12) Palace
    13) Villa
    14) Everton
    15) Leeds
    16) Forest
    18) Southampton
    19) Bournemouth
    20) Brentford

  9. The first lesson anyone concidering betting on football is that the size of a club fan base makes a difference. A betting market is made to create a profit for the bookie so the more people who bet on one club makes a difference. That's proberbly why you'll see club like Spurs on shorter odds than you might think. It's simply based on them being a london club with a large following.

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