47 thoughts on “GOODBYE 2021, HELLO 2022 UPDATE!!!! | F1 Mobile Racing 2022

  1. Can you do a video on the best setup for the regular car and also comparing times for the Red Bull/ Ferrari on the same track to see which is faster?

  2. Tbh, the new update looks more like the UI update. There is not much improvement in the racing modes, driving physics. Pitstop not added, laps customisation not added, view from the seat looks same, side mirrors doesn't work.

  3. I lost my account in previous version of the game game used to give me the saved account which was in cloud but, since I download this game after the update it lost my account. FFs i aint playing this shit

  4. The game lacks many things. Like the solo mode, option to change graphics regardless of the device, race options such as amount of laps, AI difficulty, upgraded sounds and so on. To be honest this was disappointing, considering this is the big update you'd expect many new things

  5. 1. the new cars are understeering A LOT
    2. the Red Bull is a lot easier to drive than the Ferrari (edit: maybe not this still needs to be seen)
    3. there are some bugs they need to fix, most notably the go back button sometimes disappears

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