31 thoughts on “Li Yingying vs Gabriela Guimarães | China vs Brazil | Highlights | Women's VNL 2022 (HD)

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  2. Dear Gabi; What universe are you from? I don't know, but last season I couldn't come to 1 – 2 games. I promise myself that I will not miss a game this season. Goddess Gabi was not enough, we will have to go to Goddess Macris' matches. love from Istanbul

  3. This is the worst Chinese Squad. They are so used to Zhu Ting bailing them out of every crisis that no other player is even trying most of the squad is below average both liberos made total 5 digs in match that's one dig per set and apart from li Ying Ying and middle blocker Wang no one else was even bothered to go into digs or carry the attack. Yuan had 1 block and 2 attacks in first 3 sets and that's your captain's performance. Even li Ying Ying looks worn out now. Coach also has to be blamed as well most of his substitutions were too late and missed the reviews where there was a serious chance of winning the point. This team is dead they can't defend or attack and mostly depend on opponent errors to win sets every decent side made them look like amateurs.

  4. Thailand should learn from this match when the player of both team in still the top ranking of the world volleyball they are still improvement…. and learn the weapon of world tour in every team and improve themselves…

  5. China is giving gabi too much space n no blocks and the commentators are damned bloody one sided to brazil

  6. Brazil is recycling old players. But Brazil would be like South Korea when no more recycle players could be used, u are gone. Come train new players to take over . Imagine Natalie is still in vnl 2022

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