32 thoughts on “What Does a $250,000 Golf Membership Look Like? | Exclusive Florida Course

  1. It's not fair to say I feel bad for Grant, tremendous golf from both guys in this, but GOD, the poor guy and his lips outs 😂 honestly though, if I played any round, I'd be happy with lip outs instead of being off line. It gives you confidence knowing your read is savvy. Love the vids guys, been binge watching for weeks now. 87 is my best round so far, I'm slowly taking shots off 😁

  2. Mrshortgame is how I actually came across your channel mrshortgame has awesome videos same with you guys love both channels both good too watch

  3. You should take a trip to Martha’s Vineyard Mass. Vineyard Golf Club ahas a 5 year waitinglist and a $300,000 membership fee. Love to see you guys there!!

  4. U guys are pretty fucking awesome at golfing I love to golf we should go sometime and just golf all day BTW keep making great content

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