33 thoughts on “Murray Faces Tsitsipas; Berrettini, Kyrgios & More Feature | Stuttgart 2022 Quarter-Final Highlights

  1. I’ve been saying this for a while but tsitsi is overrated. Although consistent, he has not proven to be able to compete at the top level like zverev and medvedev. Murray is a phenomenal player even still but if tsitsi is as good as people say, then he should not be getting demolished by a 35 year old Andy Murray. And yes I know that nadal and djokovic are also 35 but they are in a league of their own even past their primes.

  2. Tsitsipuss can't seem to win unless he and daddy are able to cheat! Guess he has to play fair like everyone else, poor slob got beaten by Murray! 😆

  3. Tsitsipas looks better than the last 2 years, but he needs to be more aggressive and smart, and look at his opponents' positions. He just feeds Murray with too many sweets while Murray is already far from baseline for defending.

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