44 thoughts on “NBA TODAY | "Kevin Durant will return Warriors If Kyrie Irving leaves Nets" – Brian Windhorst BLAST

  1. To the Worriors front office and general manager; please do not bring that bum Kevin Durant back. He's trash and he can't hit that jump shot anymore. Everyone saw how his game is trash. The bum wanted to leave; let's keep it that way.

  2. Warriors wouldn't take him back. For what purpose? They already have Wiggins who is a better defender and fits their system much better than KD, and he's 7 years younger.

  3. What KD needs to do is get away from all of these toxic teammates he's had to play with his entire career 😅😅( Russell, Kyrie, now Ben Simmons)

  4. cause they say it… doesn't make it true….pls show me where KD has actually said "He'll return to warriors" won't find it…. media struggling to keep relevant during slow period….before FB and after BB

  5. The only problem I see with the players everyone talks about as far as being worth the money they can make is that they seem to not have real leadership qualities. Labron is the only one that seems to possess that quality.

  6. We don't want em Draymond told em we'd win without em an we did twice now… Clippers suns heck Lakers…not the bay 🙅🏽‍♂️

    We good 👑💪🏽💙💛🏆🐐

  7. He lost my respect when he went to Golden State after losing a 3-1 lead, Its not all about the rings…its how you got them. I rather be a Charles Barkley or Patrick Ewing who never won a ring but played their butts off every time they went on the court.

  8. When KD got injured and left GS for the Nets, his momma blamed GS, let his a** stay in Brooklyn, GS can win without his drama as evident.

  9. Steph sacrificed his scoring in the prime of his career to make way for KD. I’m not interested in seeing a repeat. To be fair KD was money, and was a complete monster in the playoffs, but the overall offense just wasn’t as beautiful with him iso’ing so often. Finally, no team is going to offer a kings ransom to the Nets, to get KD at his current age.

  10. Warriors just won without him. Why do they want the diva he is and with his hefty salary. Oh yeah and he’s alway hurt.

    Invest into young prospects instead

  11. All three players will still be in LA i think they will be top of the west if they stay healthy. Last season they only played 22 games with big 3 playing all together. Lebron going to be lebron but they need AD to stay and play a full season. Westbrook I think he going to have better season. I'm so ready for basketball season!!!

  12. HELL NO. Steph + KD feels unfair and boring. And Warriors got great players. They should develop them. KD has been shading Steph and Warriors. This is like begging. It's annoying. Wiggins and Poole will develop further. Focus on them. KD got too much baggage. A team only needs 1 superstar. Putting them together is a disservice to both especially to Steph. KD has never played in a team without a top tier talent. He had Russ, Steph, Kyrie, Harden. He should try to man up and stick to his team and win for them. He dragged all those other players to the Nets. Don't be as unreliable as Kyrie, who by the way, is a lost case. He can go back to OKC or to his hometown, or somewhere where he can really try to establish his legacy.

  13. What a chump. Stay the hell away and prove YOU are the best by DEFEATING the best. He acts like he’s all about basketball and being competitive… But he just wants the cake sliced for him!!! Where is your fire!! Where are your BALLS???

  14. Beal & Lillard are Annoying. They just want to lose every year just to make 10 to 20 million more to stay in the losing Organization.

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