43 thoughts on “Entertaining Andy Murray vs Nick Kyrgios Highlights | Stuttgart 2022 Semi-Finals

  1. to really disrupt Kyrgios's game. At times he looks like he really doesn't quite know what to do and starts overhitting, going for goofy shots or losing his concentration.

  2. successful- because Nick is a fantastic, naturally gifted player who can have you shaking your head with admiration one minute and embarrassment the next

  3. With all the grass court struggles amongst the contenders, Murray can make a serious run at Wimbledon!

  4. Always the same with Kyrgios. Either he wins comfortably, showing his usual shenanigans, or he loses, smashes a racquet and blames it on everyone except himself. It's getting old real fast

  5. Stuttgart still haven't fixed the camera quality. That's absolutely wild. Turned the telly on today and for 15min I tought something was wrong with it. Turns out it's just the extremely bad broadcasting level of this tournament.

  6. Good win for Murray but shame about the final. Federer, Nadal and Djokovic make it look easy but giving away 10 years to a top 10 player cannot be easy.

  7. MWAHAHAHAHA once a JOKE always will be a JOKE o dear kyrgios, only de minaur the one only promising talent from oz…go back home and stay put ok matey…good boy 🤪😜🤣

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