32 thoughts on “I played the CHEAPEST golf course! (Surprising)

  1. There is a unused clothing/item store in my city. They had a 6 golf bags, some with clubs in them. I bought a nice black Adidas bag for $4.75. I think you paid too much paying £55 for your clubs. 🙂 GREATTTTTTT video.

  2. I was there yesterday this is wild to see everything on camera. When I was there all the tents were up and the open stuff. I went to the same gold shop to rent clubs

  3. I bought my bag and full set of clubs for $20 at a thrift store and play at a 9-hole course that's $10 a round or $15 all day. Sparked my love of golf.

  4. Rick I have a quick question. Playing in Scotland is on my radar. A total knee replacement has slowed how soon I can make a trip across the pond. I will be a single golfer. This will be a trip with my wife of 42 years. So how does one get the chance to play St Andrews. I am hoping to come in September of 2023. Is there a website that can provide the best ways to get a tee time. Love your channel.

  5. I learned to play with blades like that and I definitely think it’s why I play so well with my irons I have now. If you can master old knackered clubs, you’ll find it easy with modern technology

  6. I got a cheaper golf course in Pawnee Nebraska that people donate money too to keep going, but no one takes care of it except for one team every year at the beginning of the season

  7. As my game improves (partially due to Rick's videos), I sometimes find myself thinking too much about playing well – scoring low. It almost never fails to ruin the round. When I focus on the experience – not the score – I almost always play pretty well. What a great reminder that ultimately, this game is fun. Unless you're getting paid for how well you play – it really doesn't matter.

  8. this video shows me without a doubt the only reason he plays well on normal courses is the fact he hits it 300 off the tee. Remove the need for 300 yard drives and poof. he sucks

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