31 thoughts on “Hawkins Basketball team reacts to the Party (Mike, El, Lucas, Max—) | Part 8 | Gacha Club

  1. ‼️Guys please remember to visit the description credit section and visit the links, the links are the videos on TikTok that I used on reacting, some of the links are directed to the videos and others to their accounts, PLEASE VISIT THEM ‼️

  2. You really just pulled a talk to the hand on em
    Congrats, u now have a lot of gremlins wanting answers. Gonna need to answer them one day mate 😂

  3. This was awesome! I wonder if u wpuld make a video about um the hoppers group (when he's about to fight the Demorgorgan in prison) in season 4 reacting to him and and and thd party or joyce and the demogorgan and the monsters

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